Friday, January 7, 2011

"Red Lanterns" New ongoing title for DC!!!!!!!

Well Geoff Johns is at it again..... again. Every single Green Lantern fan that has followed Johns run religiously will weep for joy for this new ongoing title from DC's rage-aholics "Red Lanterns". Peter Milligan will have writing duties but no artist has been announced as of yet, this book is schedule to come out with the green Lantern movie. The book will touch on Atrocitus and how his rage has stayed with him since his planets destruction until now; also we'll learn where the other red lanterns missions are affecting DC's cosmic characters. So make sure to pick up this book and attend anger management this spring!!!!!


  1. This could be really hit or miss. I don't know if Atrocitus has enough meat in his story to support an ongoing title. We shall see I guess.. we shall see.

  2. I agree that only time will tell but I just finished reading Green Lantern #61 and it was an Atrocitus solo story and it was fantastic!!! The timing of the announcement and the release of this issue on the same day seems a bit too coincidental to me!!!!