Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comic Reviews

Wolverine – The Best There Is #2

Well I’m back to review #2 at Remi’s request. If you don’t recall my thoughts on #1, here’s the link.

I’m afraid it’s going to be a short review, because there wasn’t much addition to the story to give a review for. After his chemically-induced rage, Wolverine hauls himself together (by stabbing his own claws into his gut) and trots off to home base to gather some intel. The comic opens with Logan talking to Beast about this new villain...whoa, wait a second. Beast? He quit the X-Men. And as I recall, Wolverine was one of the handful that McCoy was MOST angry at. Ok, we’ll overlook that. Anyhow. We are given some back story, (Jackson Day is who?) but not enough to be overly-interesting; half of it isn’t explained, and what is is hardly more than we knew already. We know Wolverine’s dealing with chemicals, what’s the motive?

Honestly, other than that the comic is propelled by 70% senseless action, a mysterious do-gooder, and the return of more bloody action. Very little, if anything at all, is revealed concerning the overarching story. Maybe #3 will focus more on what the heck is going on here with respect to the main villain and his motive.

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