Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Editor in Chief at Marvel

The Joe Quesada era is ending at Marvel. Axel Alonso has been promoted to the position of Editor in Chief while Quesada will concentrate on being Marvel's 'chief creative officer'. Hard to say what effect this will have on Marvel comics. Alonso has the reputation of being 'edgier'. One thing I do know is that Quesada made a huge mark on the industry, and is probably more responsible then any other person for the way Marvel looks today.

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  1. Going to be interesting. In reality, I'm sure JoeQ has always been the CCO, so I'm wondering how much his tasks will change. He's always been a good idea man, although sometimes it strayed too far in to the "profit" side of the "good idea".

    Never heard of Axel Alonso...gonna go read up on him now.

  2. This is a double edged sword to me. I've wanted Joe Q out of there for a long time, but as you said, he was pretty much the CCO anyhow. House of M and Civil War were absolutely astonishing, so while I try and give him the benefit of the doubt and wonder how much of a hand he played in those, I still remember how atrocious he was in retconning Spider-Man following Back in Black.

    He definitely put Marvel back on the map concerning economics and the film industry, but in other areas he has seriously waned.

    I also know nothing about Alonso, but how "edgy" can he be with Disney hanging over his head? It's a strange line: Wolverine can gut a human, but Nick Fury can't smoke a cigar...

  3. The smoking had nothing to do with Disney though, that was all Joe Q, and as far as edgier goes, I don't think Disney is going to get too too involved on the creative side of things. They've left Pixar more or less alone, and Miramax has put out their fair share of Rated R movies.

    Everyone mentions Disney like it's going to change anything, but it's all 6 of one, half dozen of the other. What I do know is that Disney has been around long enough to hopefully not make too many snafus with their money.

  4. When I think Quesada, I think Marvel Knights. Daredevil's glorious reintroduction. Sigh. Good times.

    Also, say what you will about One More Day, BUT, Brand New Day has produced some of the best Spiderman issues I've ever read. It may have been hamfisted, but the end result was spectacular.

  5. Point Crippler!!!!!!! I totally agree, I was so pissed about One More Day but Brand New Day was well worth it. Very funny and enjoyable book to read!!!! On that note I'm also excited with the way Big Time has started, pretty big impact already!!!!