Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Days Missing – Kestus: The Sword #1

This issue was a phenomenal work of art; Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, even a tinge of Fantasy, all bled into an amazing concept that is executed perfectly. Missing Days is a comic I can see myself expecting to read from here on out.

I remember reading about the first series when it was released, but must have overlooked it or forgot about it, because based on premise alone this is an intriguing enough comic to purchase. The Steward, a mysterious sort of ‘watcher’ character, enters into various points and timelines throughout history to alter events, or make sure that certain events occur. Though he cannot directly become involved, his influence is enough to ignite inspiration in his subjects.

In this issue The Sword, the first of the Kestus arc, the subject in question is Confucious. The Steward must make sure that the Lu State is not overrun, and acts accordingly. Some historical facts are altered, obviously, for fictional plot-excitement purposes, but the use of the historical characters is interesting and very original.

In addition to the overarching story involved with the character Kestus, who was the threat encroaching upon Confucious, this arc is supposed to be an elaboration upon the character of the Steward, further explaining his powers and origin, as well as other(s) that may have similar powers.

Days Missing is a comic with a very large scope. It reminds me in certain aspects of the Sandman, where the possibilities of location and characters are near endless. Any event in history is fair game, and that certainly leaves a lot to be explored. I’m going to follow this arc for certain, right after I go out and buy the first edition trade.

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