Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Give peace a chance....... and Batman Inc!

I am so excited about Batman Inc., finally an evolution to the character, don't get me wrong I still like the classic messed up Batman type storylines that David Finch seems to be going in that direction, but now we have progress with the character.

When times change, you have to change with them or else you'll eventually become obsolete and completely useless (i.e. Chris Claremont)!!!! Now I know Morrison has had some downs as of late(RIP, Final Crisis), but those stories were about to try to present the next big story and shock people.... Now setting a new status quo for a character or group, changing the very way their lives are going, like he did in New X-Men, is what Morrison is good at.

After the events of RIP and Final Crisis, the DC universe went pretty much back to normal, there was still a Batman and everyone had their own stuff to deal with. When the X-men felt the loss of 16 million mutants in 1 day... well they had to think differently and try different means to attain their goals. They went from trying to send a positive message about mutants to the world to survival mode in an instant. I believe after an extermination like that, if that situation would've have happen in the real world, the X-Men would've have join forces with Magneto and crush humanity.

Batman finally realizes that he cannot do it alone, now I'm not saying this book will be the best because Morrison or someone else could mess it up but the premise is sound and it has amazing potential!!!! Only time will tell if this book changes the course of the bat-books or becomes nothing more than another failed memory!!

p.s. Lord Death Man first appeared in Batman #180(May 1966) and was then adapted into the Batman manga series. I believe he is completely relevant to the story because of his association with Japan and that the issue takes place in....... wait for it...... Japan! I'm sure the Japanese comic book fans appreciated being recognized with a nod to a character that they are familiar with! I applaud you DC for recognizing that you have fans all over the world and wanting to connect with them!!!

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