Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Daredevil Reborn #1


After having been slain or having the demon slain or being slain along with the demon but somehow surviving...Murdock is back. Yes, Shadowland's end was rushed and sloppy, and really wasn’t all that great throughout, but it did shake up a few things and now we have Daredevil trying to find a new path in life.

At the end of Shadowland when Murdock is whisked away by magic or Elektra or whatever, he ends up on a bus out of the city and it plays out as some sort of clich√© version of the ‘drifter leaving the town’. This is where Reborn begins. Walking into an unnamed town, Murdock enters an unnamed cafe in the badlands and is met with apprehension by the stereotypical fat-lady waitress. Then the stereotypical ‘gang-that-runs-town’ shows up (complete with tribal tattoos) and proceeds to unleash their testosterone. Murdock avoids retaliating, takes his beating, and then is saved guessed it: the stereotypical hard-ass police officer. Come to think of it, the whole issue is a bunch of stereotypes and ‘easy’ writing. But even still, it’s enjoyable. It’s odd to have Daredevil out of Hell’s Kitchen and only time will tell if that’s going to be disastrous or not, but for the moment it’s refreshing.

The climax in the last few pages is what makes Murdock decide to linger in this town to investigate, before moving on in his journey, and it’s only mildly shocking but still enjoyable.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that while this issue doesn’t pack serious originality or anything monumental for the character, it’s fresh and interesting enough to warrant a read. And bottom line: it’s enjoyable. Diggle has been with the character long enough to know the ins and outs. Gianfelice’s art is untypical of what we’re used to in the grit of the character’s title, but works for this 4-part miniseries. If you care about where the character is headed then check this one out.

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