Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January/Early Feb. Events!

Every Monday -> Gurps @ 6:30pm

Every Tuesday -> Starfleet Battles @ 6:30pm, new campaign starting on Jan. 18th

Every Wednesday -> Comic Cafe @ 8pm (hang out and talk comics!)
Every Wednesday -> Casual Magic @ 6pm, no fee, just for fun!
-Wednesday, Jan. 26th -> Book Club, reading Freakangels Vol. 1, 8pm

Every Thursday -> Board Games @ 6pm (show up early to make sure you get in on a game)

Every Friday -> Friday Night Magic @ 6:30pm, $4 -> Booster Draft @ 10pm, $17.50
-Friday, Feb. 4th -> Mirrodin Besieged Release Event @ 6pm. Sealed Format, $40 per person, TONS of prizes and giveaways! Draft afterwards, $17.50 per person, $55 if you pay for both.

-Saturday, Jan. 15th, Jan. 22nd and Feb. 5th -> Board Games @ 2pm
-Saturday, Jan 22nd -> Battletech Grand Melee @ noon, good introduction for new players, open game w/ prizes.
-Saturday, Jan. 29th -> Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Release @ noon. 2 Sealed Events, at noon and 4pm (approx.). $35 for one, $60 for both. Choose your side, Myr or Pheryxia. Seating limited, pre-paid accepted! :)

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