Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Venom Ongoing by Remender and Moore

Beginning in March, 2011, longtime collaborators Rick Remender and Tony Moore reunite once more for a VENOM ongoing series unlike any other, as the deadly alien symbiote bonds with a new host familiar to fans and gets put to work as an operative of the United States government.

Without knowing the creative team, I would never have touched this. Instead, I think it's a must-buy. These guys do great work together, as I'm sure you other fans of Fear Angent and Punisher can attest.


  1. Super pumped for this! I would have gotten it either way, but with that creative, there's no way I wouldn't!!

  2. By that comment I meant, could Frank Castle be wearing the symbiote?... Definitely going to be a must-read.

  3. That would certainly be interesting... and Frank doesn't have a book right now. And Remender has proved to be a great Punisher writer!