Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Fables Volume 3 – Storybook Love

Willingham’s amazing series continues in this third volume, giving a bit of insight into some residents of Fabletown’s pasts. The volume opens with a one-shot tale involving Jack Horner, and his time spent with the Confederate forces during America’s civil war. The tale is clever and funny, Jack being a great character.

The volume then focuses on two separate arcs that involve threats posed to Fabletown, the first from an outside source, and the second from within. The first, a two-part caper, involves a journalist who believes Fabletown to be a secret society of immortal vampires. Though quite in the wrong, Bigby isn’t going to allow any sort of information getting out to the world about their clandestine community. He forms a crack squad involving Boy Blue, Bluebeard, Prince Charming, Flycatcher, Sleeping Beauty, and the anchor (not really) Jack Horner. Bluebeard believes their plan to be nonsense, but in a threatening scene, Bigby puts him in his place. This is a great bit that reminds how Big and Bad the Wolf can actually be.

In the second arc, Goldilocks, now a dangerous fugitive on the run from Fabletown authorities, apparently isn’t content with the way Snow White took the bullet to the head in their last encounter. A powerful spell makes Snow and a certain wolf companion delusional, taking a camping trip far away, while Goldilocks attempts to track them down and finish the job.

More like a series of small short stories than a powerful plot-driver, Storybook Love is a volume that tides us over before the next big arc, but it definitely does it well. There are a few large cliffhanger points, most importantly: Snow White becoming pregnant!

I hope you’re enjoying the series so far, because large and dangerous work is at foot, and the next volume exemplifies that to the fullest!

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