Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Board Game/RPG Arrivals!

NEW ARRIVALS (RPG = Role Playing Game books/supplements, BG = Board Games, BIS = Back In Stock, CCG = Collectible Card Game, NCCG = Non-Collectible Card Game)

Bargain Hunter (BG)
Battlelore: Wardens of the North Expansion (BG)
Call of Cthulhu: Cthulhu Britannica: Avalon-The Somerset Sourcebook (RPG)
Cities (BG)
Cleopatra's Caboose (BG)
Cyclades (BG-BIS)
D&D4.0: Dungeon Tiles Master Set-The Wilderness (RPG)
Dixit 2 (Expansion) (BG)
Dominion Expansion: Prosperity (NCCG)
Gurps 4th: Low-Tech
Hellas: Worlds of Sun & Stone (RPG)
Hellas: Princes of the Universe (RPG)
Invasion from Outer Space (BG)
Isla Dorada (BG)
The Laundry (RPG)
Last Night on Earth (BG-BIS)
Pathfinder: Coliseum Morpheuon (RPG)
Pathfinder: Freeport Companion (RPG)
Resistance (NCCG)
Savage Worlds: Daring Tales of the Space Lanes One (RPG)
Savage Worlds: Daring Tales of the Spawn Compendium One(RPG)
Savage Worlds: Interface Zero (RPG)
Savage Worlds: Space 1889-Red Sands (RPG)
Savage Worlds: Strike Force 7 (RPG)
Savage Worlds: War of the Dead Chapter One (RPG)
W40K Deathwatch: Emperor Protects (RPG)
Wings of War: World War I Deluxe Ed. (BG)

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