Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Remi's Top 10 Comics of 2010

In no particular order....

Fantastic Four

Hickman, along with Eaglesham, and then Epting, made the Fantastic Four fantastic again. Although the "casualty/three" storyline is almost a little too hyped, especially with the final part coming sealed in a polybag, the lead up to it, with the epic story that Hickman crafted, will make it all worthwhile.


A story of redemption set against the backdrop of a story of madness by master storyteller Mark Waid. Starting off with Irredeemable, Waid has the "superman"-esque Plutonian losing his mind and killing millions in his path of destruction. As the book continues you, Waid delves further into his madness to see what brought it about, as well as spotlighting the remaning members of The Paradigm (see. JLA) trying to stop him. Incorruptible is the sister book, focusing on The Plutonian's nemesis, Max Damage, in his attemps to go straight after witnessing the destruction left behind by The Plutonian. Surpringly, this turns out to be the better of the two books once the ball gets rolling. 2010 ended on cliffhangers for both books which will hopefully payoff amazing in 2011.

New Avengers

The best of the three Avengers relaunch titles, a big surprise, although I shouldn't really have been, coming from Bendis and Immonen. Secret Avengers comes close (and met all my high expectations) but this one turned out to be just super fun!


Still one of the strongest series going, with the spectacular #100 hitting the shelves earlier this month. We also got a 6 issue mini series focusing on probably the best Fables character, Cinderella, with another one coming in '11.


Fred Van Lente is a freakin' genius! This series has it all, tons of action, lots of laughs, the best/worse new villain ever, Redcoat and his MILFs (Minion International Liberation Front), who doesn't get which his name, nor his orginization, are hilarious! Also, thrown in for good measure, is a big reveal about Taskmaster's past, which will make for interesting stories in the future!

Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Probably the book I pushed the most the year. Solid storytelling backed up by solid art! A Thor "indie" book, for kids? I didn't think it could work, but it ended up being the first thing I read every month!


Another epic Hickman book! S.H.I.E.L.D. reveals the secret history of the well known Marvel U organization, and makes it into an "illuminati"-esque brotherhood that has been around for thousands of years, and has had well known histortic persons, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo, as part of it's ranks. All this told against the stunningly beautiful art of Dusting Weaver.

Walking Dead

Still going strong after nearly 80 issues, and with a highly successfull TV series to help it along, we probably won't be seeing any end in sight to what is the best Zombie-related story in any medium!

X-Force/X-Force: Sex & Violence/Uncanny X-Force

The best action book on the shelf for the past couple of years, a Wolverine-lead hit squad who have recently split off from the X-Men to take matters into their own hands. A little break in the middle for the awesomely violent Del'Otto painted Sex & Violence mini-series just made you want more Wolverine/Domino stories too! And more by Del'Otto, on anything!

Invincible Iron Man

While this books started out as a way to capitalize on the first Iron Man movie, giving Tony Stark a second book to get in trouble with, it fast became obvious that Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca weren't happy rethreading old stories, and haven't shown a moment's weakness after nearly three years. Similar to what Brubaker did on Captain America, this book takes the best aspects of Stark's past and puts them in a modern setting without for a second feeling old and "having been done before". The current "Stark Resilient" storyline, that's been running for most of 2010, has Tony trying to put his "weapon's dealer" past behind him, and try to give something back to the world, with a few stepping stones along the way to make things interesting, including an iPhone app controlled army of attack planes, which is a lot cooler than it might sound, heheheh.

A few honorable mentions!
Batman: Streets of Gotham
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man
Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension
Ratchet and Clank
Secret Avengers
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Amazing Spider-Man
Justicea League: Generation Lost

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