Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Iron Man #500 - the Death of Tony Stark


So, between this and the Fantastic Three, it looks like it's open season on heroes at Marvel.

In (un?) related news.

That sucks. Especially this part if it's true:
In a recent interview with MTV News, Favreau explained that based on his conversations with Marvel Studios executives, he had no clarity as to what a third Iron Man film would even be about. “In theory, Iron Man 3 is going to be a sequel or continuation of Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Avengers,” said Favreau at the time, “This whole world … I have no idea what it is. I don’t think they do either, from conversations I’ve had with those guys.”

If there's one thing comic book companies have shown us through the years, it's that they know how to kill a good thing. Let's hope that's not the case here. (p.s. - again, that Thor trailer looks awesome!)

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