Friday, October 29, 2010

The Comic Hunter Book Club 4

Every 4 Wednesdays, a group of us have been meeting for book clubs here at The Comic Hunter. Most Wednesdays we hang out and do the same, but we've decided to pick a book every month to focus on. If anyone is interested in joining, we meet Wednesday nights at 9pm!

I've told those who have come out for a while now that I'd post a general write up of our book club meetings. Haven't had a chance to do the first three, but here I am for the fourth!

Before I continue on, I'll recap what we've done up to now.

1st- Cowboy Ninja Viking Vol. 1 TP (not rated, most people enjoyed it, could get better once the series gets going(
2nd- Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 1 HC (8.8/10)
3rd- Invincible Vol. 1 HC (8.85/10)

Ok, now that this is out of the way, the plan for the Book Club review is that I'll be posting the average score for the books, as well as a commment from the highest rater, and lowest rater. Also, a general pros/cons from peoples takes on them.

On Oct. 27th, we met up for Chew Vol. 1 HC, chosen by Scott Wallace.

Our average score for the book ended up being 7.625/10, which is our lowest yet.

- Many people had trouble getting behind the concept/setting of the book
+ Although the story was original and fun for those that couple get by it.

+ Art is very well done, and suits the story
- Although the writer is young and stumbled a bit with the flow into the second story, and the characters could be more developed.

- First stories don't have the highest re-readability,
+ Although those who read it more than once said they noticed a lot of things they missed the first time,
+ And most who read it will be continuing with the story.

+ Packaging for the hardcover was very well put together.

Highest rating was by Jeff Wry (9.0) who said: "It's a completely original concept, witty writing, with art that works very well with the genre"

Lowest rating was by Brad Sheasgreen (5.5) who said: "Great concept, poor execution. It didn't grab me one bit, mostly because of it's mostly forgettable characters."

Future Book Clubs!
Nov. 24th - Starman Omnibus Vol. 1
Dec. 22nd - Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits
Jan. 19th - FreakAngels Vol. 1
Feb. 16th - Irredeemable Vol. 1-2
March 16th - Midnight Nation


  1. Chew was cool. Fun. Really inventive ideas and an interesting little world that Layman's created. Rob Guillory's art REALLY fits the story and I can see both of these guys going places if they ever leave this quirky little project ...

    Now bring on the Starman! Can't wait to talk about this with people who have never read it before.

  2. What's the next one gonna be?