Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walking Dead Weekly

Image has announced that they will reprint the entire run of The Walking Dead - WEEKLY - starting in January. I don't know if this is a good idea, but it IS a cool idea. I'll be sticking to trades, but for all the rest of you who aren't reading it yet, well, now you'll really have no excuse.


  1. Now if they would print it on cheap paper and get it down to like 2 bucks an issue I could see getting behind this. Otherwise, why not just stick with the trades? If people are already going to a comic shop, they have access to the trades of the early issues and after a couple of months they'll be able to find the back issues for decent prices. I see the demand for the title after the tv series starts but I still don't see the draw unless they are putting this out with a low price point.

  2. I'd point to how AMC has had Don Draper's silhouette on nearly everything imaginable and hope that they're planning on putting these in places other comic stores.