Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to Read: Warren Ellis

io9 has a nice little article about 10 lesser known Warren Ellis stories. Planetary, Authority, Transmetropolitan, and Red, which has just been made into a movie out last week, are some of his more well known, and while the intro to the article mentions NextWave, I don't really see that as one of his more well known, but very much a must-read of his!

Having read most of them, or at least parts of 9 of the 10, I can honestly say that they're all pretty solid. Ocean and Freakangels (which is an upcoming book club selection for those invovled, or curious about it) are standouts, while Orbiter was a little more low-key, but a great read as well. I'll be checking out the full Supergod when it gets collected in HC, and Global Frequency when I find the missing issues for my run!

Check the full thing here!

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