Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31st Century Elections

Gentle reader, do you often times find yourself sitting pensively, pondering the complexity of politics in our 21st century? Perhaps while sampling a thirst-quenching sarsaparilla? (I don’t know.. it works for me.. choose your own drink accordingly.) While doing so, do you bemoan the true lack of choice voters are faced with? The same platitudes and promises, waffling and hand-wringing resurface from election to election. The lack of character, individuality, outlandish outfits, alien powers and fetching titles. Wouldn’t you like to, just once, cast a vote and make a difference? Well, celebrate this day then my friend, for in the 31st century, you’ve been given the chance to cast a vote and make a difference. In a call-back to days of yore, DC Comics is giving you a chance to help select the next chairman of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
Come on, make Paul Levitz’s life interesting. Select Quislet.

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