Monday, November 1, 2010

The Walking Dead - A TV premiere review

Who doesn’t like zombies? Well, if you’re like me, anything produced in the last number of years involving zombies that sprint faster than Donnovan Bailey and use guns completely turns you off.

Enter “The Walking Dead”.

It’s my pleasure to undertake the review for the pilot of the biggest (and most anticipated) series of 2010. As most (if not all) of you know, "The Walking Dead" premiered tonight on AMC and has been extremely anticipated since its announcement in August 2009 and aired on Halloween night 2010.

The series is based on the on-going monthly comic “The Walking Dead” published by Image Comics (started 2003) and written by Robert Kirkman. The tv series was developed by Frank Darabont (who has written screenplays for The Green Mile, The Mist, and The Shawshank Redemption) and promises to be very faithful to the comic series.

From the opening scene, there’s a sense of scarcity and lonliness.. a brief look into what’s to come. We’re immediately introduced to Rick and Shane – two partners in local law enforcement in an un-named and non-descript town in the USA. Giving us a glimpse into their personalities, a decent picture is painted before being thrown into the opening introduction of the comic series.

The action for the pilot is played out as most would expect it to be: not missing a beat and not going over-the-top; sticking as true to reality as possible. Realism is at an all-time high for what’s depicted in the show, thus driving the graphic nature up quite a ways for what’s been in a tv series (CSI doesn’t count).

The cinematography and music for this premiere was beautiful, helping to set the scene and tone perfectly for the post-zombie-apocalyptic setting: lonely, drab, and horrific – but including small glimmers of hope. Broad shots of a freeway out from a city completely spell out the panic and franticness of people trying to escape the nightmare, only delaying the innevitable due to complete grid-lock.

Just looking at a few ups and downs should sum things up just nicely.

Zombies have one speed: Shamble (kudos to anyone who knows this reference)
Very high character developement potential
Great screenplay
Acting was believeable with real characters.. no over or under-acting.

Makeup-effects seemed rushed on a few of the characters and zombies

In all, this pilot has shown that as a series, “The Walking Dead” is VERY promising – and I urge anybody who is any sort of a zombie fan to watch this show from start to finish as the series continues. I know it's certainly changed my opinion of zombie entertainment dramatically.

5.0/5.0 stars


  1. I never noticed a problem with the zombie make-up at all. I thought everything about the show was great! My only complaint is having to wait for the next episode, to know where the story is going next! :-P

  2. I think we may need to draw straws for future reviewing rights, I wanted to write a review too! ;-) hehe

    Here's even better news -

    That is amazing news. AMC has probably become my new favourite network. Success for Walking Dead means success for AMC, which means more great shows, which means, I hope, more great comics from Kirkman and more comic - based shows in general. Win, win win.

    Also, bicycle girl zombie is one of the best zombies I've ever seen. ;-)

  3. Just started reading the trades from the library. It's gonna be extra hard to avoid spoilers now. :(

  4. I agree, that overall the zombies were perfect... it was mainly the little girl at the beginning of the show. The pure flesh-tone under the eyes bugged me I guess. :P I still gave it a perfect rating ;)