Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Comic Reviews

The Flash #9

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Francis Manapul

Publisher: DC Comics

This issue begins a new arc in the continuing prelude to DC’s summer event Flashpoint. I wasn’t too familiar with what the crossover was going to entail, but I researched it a bit, and it appears to be some sort of alternative timeline; when concerning the Flash that certainly seems like the norm.

I’m not a regular DC reader (other than Batman), and I thought I might miss out on the pertinent stuff because of this, but Johns is able to keep the writing in this new arc fresh and easy to grasp even if you haven’t been following DC. Johns makes a good blend between Barry Allen’s life and the life of The Flash, showing good characterization and quickly building the dramatics.

The Elongated Kid is discovered dead, but mysteriously not murdered, and signs sort of lean towards the Flashforce being the culprit. While Barry Allen investigates the cause, a new character from the future shows up, and Flash quickly springs into action to discover if they’re friend or foe. The answer: great last-page cliffhanger!

I enjoyed this issue as the kick-off to the arc, but not being a long-time fan I’m a bit wary as to how it could end up.


-Johns gives these characters some serious dramatic flair

-Manapul’s art is great; his sharp lines and tones fit the tension well

-Time-traveling tales are generally intriguing and almost always offer twists


-Time-traveling tales almost always offer twists; unfortunately, some of which give off a “wtf” factor, and can be used as easy cop-outs

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