Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comic Book Club review for February 2011!!!!!!

This months victim was Freak Angels by Warren Ellis..... So this book got almost every single different point of view possible, some people loved it, some people said it was ok and others.... well lets just say someone didn't have their nappy time and hulked out against this book.... at least it was the book that faced the wraith of the gods and not a fellow club member, it would've been kinda awkward at our next pilates workout.

Anywho... I heard a lot of things like "the art was bland" but some meant it good ways and others not so good. The art was a little dark/depressing but for most, it worked for the storyline. The art good but it was probably the colours that made the tone so bleak, again it worked for the story.

The characters are well diversified, some nice, some not and one.... well lets call it for what it is.... slot machines are very addictive but enough with this public service announcement, back to the review.

I believe reading volume 1 by itself leaves the story unfinished, the people that loved it have read more than just the first volume so I assume it reads better as a whole and because of those people, I will keep reading in hopes that the story progresses better and we find out what really happened that brought this post apocalyptic tale to fruition!!!

Best quote: "Simple, elegant... I give it a 10."

Worst quote: "I freaking hate it, I give it a 2.... and only because Warren Ellis wrote this piece of sh... woah woah well thats all time we have today, join us next month for our review of Irredeemable volume 1 and 2!!!!!

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