Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Comic Hunter nominated for a Joe Shuster Award!


The Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Comic Book Retailer /Le Prix de Harry Kremer pour Détaillant Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées

Named after the late Harry Kremer, original owner of Now & Then Books (in Kitchener, Ontario). Shops are recommended by the general public and a separate Retailer Award Committee reviews all materials received and select a short list of stores that has shown merit in a variety of categories such as: (1) Support of a wide variety of innovative material, (2) Overall appeal of the store and usage of space, (3) Knowledge, (4) Community activity, and (5) Adherence to standard ethical business practices.


  1. Just looking through the nominees and visually speaking I think you're in the top three. Golden Age Collectibles looks slick. So much character to the storefront.

    I like Planète BD's branding. Very clean, contemporary.

    So do the Joe Shuster award commitee get a rep to go to the store and check things out or how does that work?

  2. Great job guys!

    Of course, a comic store can only be as good as it's customers. :)

  3. Crippler: I better close out your file then, you're lowering the average! *ZING*