Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Board Game/RPG Arrivals!

NEW ARRIVALS (RPG = Role Playing Game books/supplements, BG = Board Games, BIS = Back In Stock, CCG = Collectible Card Game, NCCG = Non-Collectible Card Game)

Champions 6th Ed.: Villains Vol. 1-Master Villains (RPG)
Civilization (BG)
D&D Mini: Beholder Collection Deluxe Set (RPG)
Fantasy Flight Dice (4 different sets) (RPG/BG)
Magic The Gathering: Fire & Lightning Deluxe Foil Deck (CCG)
Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I'm Inn! (BG)
Smallworld: Necromancer Expansion (BG)
Warhammer 40k-Rogue Trader: Edge of the Abyss (RPG)

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