Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly News Catch-Up!

This past week has been super busy, with the new Magic: The Gathering set pre-release last weekend, with it going on sale tomorrow meant a lot of work today. The Diamond order was due for Tuesday which meant I worked on it during my days off. All this to say that I haven't kept up with news.

With me leaving tomorrow for vacation time, there won't be much news/updates/shipping lists for a couple of weeks, so I'll just to a catch-up for the last week, and post the bigger news!
-2011 might see the return of a Transmetropolitan comic. Might just be a collection of stories, but I'll take what I can get! Also, a HC collection of the series has been announced!

-Please "read too much" into this. It's pretty funny!
-Way too many Lady Death issues ordered! Feel free to come and get yours next week!
-I linked the Bleeding Cool article, but it's all over every comic site! Bob Harras, former Editor-in-Chief at Marvel (Marvel's "Chapter 11" pre-Quesada era), has been named EIC at DC!
-Image keeps pimping "The End" for Walking Dead. Probably just a ruse, but it's got me curious!
-Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he'll be directing the third Batman movie since he relaunch with Batman Begins!
-A Cool little article about some of the "more powerful" names in comics right now.
-Spider-Man: Brand New Day is done. Up next? Spider-Man: Big Time! Twice a month instead of three, but more pages per book, and all being done by the Amazing(ly) fun Dan Slott, and drawn by Humberto Ramos. Very awesome to see Ramos back on a regular book, and this creative team could make this a really great read!
-Interview with Mark Rahner, writer for Rotten, the best zombie book you're not reading. (Everyone is reading The Walking Dead, so it doesn't count)

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