Friday, September 24, 2010

Warren Ellis's Warpies!

When I read this book this morning, and asked myself "Could it be that Ellis is bringing back characters from Alan Moore's UK run on Captain Britain?" without having actuallly gone back to double check, cause I'm sort of lazy that way. Seems like someone at Bleeding Cool isn't, or has a better memory than I do, because it turns out, he totally is!!!!

Alan Moore and Alan Davis wrote many years of Captain Britain in the UK before Marvel brought him over in to the US in Excalibur in the late 80s, where Alan Davis, now with Chris Claremont, continued his adventures with a handful of ex-X-Men.

I grew up reading Excalibur, but had always been confused over a few characters/stories that, turns out, made reference to some of the Moore stuff that just wasn't available on this side of the Atlantic.. at least not easily.

A couple of years back, Marvel released the Captain Britain Omnibus, which gave me the chance to finally read all those stories, which I read last year during my honeymoon, and totally loved!

And now, Ellis is bringing some of them back, more than 20 years later! His run on Astonishing X-Men has been a little rocky, with a kind of terrible start, while getting better and better, but this last issue has me hooked. Hopefully we get more than 2 more issues out of him....

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