Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Comic Hunter customer has games for sale!


Please contact Nigel via nigel_grout at For sale individually, or $100 for the lot. I can deliver them in the Moncton area or have them available for pick-up Thur evenings at the Comic Hunter

WWII Air combat card game
$30 Down in Flames Collection (GMT) [Rise of the Luftwaffe , Eighth Air Force , Poland 1939 - Module , Kuban Bridgehead - Module , Zero! & Corsairs and Hellcats)

WWII Tactical card game
$5 "Nuts" [North and South Decks] (Decision Games)

WWII boardgames
$10 Onslaught: D-Day to the Rhine (SPI)
$5 Stalingrad Pocket (The Gamers)
$35 World in Flames Collection: 5th Ed rules, Planes in Flames & Fatal Alliances [WWI Expansion] (Australian Design Group) Laminated Maps
$15 Days of Decision [World in Flames diplomatic companion game - pre WWII] (Australian Design Group)

Modern Middle East boardgame $15 Gulf Strike & Desert Storm Module (Victory Games/AH) Laminated Maps

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