Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Back; and a new Gaming Update!

After some well deserved (I think I deserved it at least!) time off, I'm back at work and ready to keep this blog updated.

Unfortunately, I was off to sea and couldn't really update even the new comics, but I'll be posting nexts weeks tomorrow or Friday, back on regular schedule!

I'm also going to start posting the new gaming arrivals so you can keep up to date on it all!

Board Games
Last Night On Earth: The Zombie Game
Probably the best zombie game out there. Finally back in stock after being out of print for a couple of months!
-Merchants: Lords of the Sea
-Arkham Horror Dice Set
-Take Me To The Cleaners

RPG Books
-Champions 6th Edition Core Book
-Aces & Eights Core Book Softcover
Back in Stock, with a couple of new accessory books!
-Aces & Eights: Shootist's Guide
-Aces & Eights: Judas Crossing
-Rifts-Dimension Book 12: Dimensional Outbreak
-Battletech-Technical Readout: 3060
-Battletech-Record Sheets: 3060
-Battletech-Record Sheets: 3075
-Savage Worklds: Savage Suverain
-Basic Roleplaying: Dragon Lines

-Phyrexia vs. Coalition Dual Deck

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