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Deadshot Bullet Reviews Week of March 24

The Comic Hunter would like to welcome our first contributing reviewer to our blog!

Every week, or whenever he gets around to it, Deadshot (name withheld for awesome-factor!) is going to quick write ups of a handful of comics! Feel free to reply, banter, argue, compliment or glorify him with your comments!

Deadshot Bullet Reviews Week of March 24

For this inaugural column I thought I would just pick a few titles to do bullet reviews on. Reading it over, it seems that I am rather critical of what I have reviewed. I'll try not to fall into the reviewer trap of panning everything. I've tried to avoid putting in spoilers but proceed with caution if you are behind on your reading. I'll add reviews in the weeks to come and welcome comments/differing opinions.

Green Lantern #52
The penultimate chapter of Blackest Night which is starting to lose steam for me. I think John's has been a victim of the marketing machine at DC to make this as long as possible. I think this could have been a 4 issue mini and been stronger for it. I am interested to see how things are wrapped up in Blackest Night 8 this Wednesday. As for the issue itself, the origin of the rainbow avatars is revealed. I do have to admit it was pretty cool to see Sinestro on the cover as the White Lantern saying "You were expecting someone else?" I like dialogue covers so this one was cool.

The Guild #1
This story serves a prequel to the hit webseries of the same name. Felicia Day, creator/star of the webseries, also writes this series. The art fits the series well and I am looking forward to seeing how things unfold as the various members of the guild meet in their World of Warcraft-ish world.

Nemesis #1
The latest creator-owned title by Mark Millar this time working with Steve McNiven. These two have had great success in the past with Civil War and Old Man Logan so this title should continue their success. The first issue sets up the premise of the a< super criminal who likes to take on the best of the best in the world of law enforcement. The action is over the top but fits the tone of the series. If McNiven can stay on his deadlines this one might be orth picking up for the run of the limited series. If you have been burned by NcNiven before you might want to wait for the the completed series in trade.

Justice League The Rise of Arsenal #1
After reading the Fall of Green Arrow last week I was interested to take a look at the first issue of this companion series. We pick up moments before the terrible events begin to unfold for Red Arrow in Cry for Justice #6 and follow the story through the rest of the events of that series. To say that Cry for Justice was bad for Red Arrowis a massive unstatement. This first issue moves the story forward but unfortunately its rather paint-by-numbers and the writer falls into the former drug addict cliche that has defined Roy Harper throughout his continuity. I applaud DC for trying to do something to make Roy stand out as being different from Green Arrow as I felt that Connor Hawke was a much better character than Roy. Hopefully this series will help define a new status quo. I must admit that the personal loss that Roy suffered other than his maiming affected me emotionally but I felt this first issue trend down familiar paths. Lets hope that things will improve as the series progresses.

Thor #608
A companion title to the current Siege mini is Thor. This series has really shown how the gods of Asgard have been impacted by the attack on their fabled city by the forces of H.A.M.M.E.R. and Norman Osborn. The art has been solid on this title if the story has been a bit thin at times. One of the problems with these 'event' series is the tendency to do a tie-in comics that merely re-write the event story from the perspective of a particular character. This series suffers from that at times even though the revelations of Loki's manipulations is brought to light here which the main Siege mini does not have time for.

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