Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jason Patric to Star in FX's Powers!

A unique take on the police procedural, Powers postulates a world in which a pair of homicide detectives (Patric's Christian Walker and Lucy Punch's Deena Pilgrim) who specialize in cases involving people with super powers.

The script is written by Charles H. Eglee (who worked on the first season of The Walking Dead), with Michael Dinner prepared to start shooting in Chicago later this summer. Patric, whose most recent credit is the adaptation of DC's The Losers and who to date has only shot feature films, will be making his television debut with Powers.

As I have just finished the complete (still ongoing) series of Powers I can say I'm intrigued with the casting but super pumped about the show being made!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice! I think he could do a good job. He's brooding enough to make me believe he can pull it off.

    In other news, did you see the announcement that Showtime is going to make a 100 Bullets series?