Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC Relaunches over 50 titles this Fall

I guess Flashpoint is really a big event because by the end of it, DC will be relaunching most of it's lineup! Ending with Flashpoint #5 at the end of August (above), we'll be seeing 13 titles going back to #1 every week in September. Johns is really pushing the envelope with what he's doing at the ol' DCU. While I have a lot of faith in the man, I certainly hope it all pays off!


  1. My wallet and I will have a sit down discussion.

  2. Win or lose, they're putting it on the line and I applaud them for it. Just as long as they really do it. Not half-hearted. Not 'it was all a dream' in a year.. really do it. I really hope they pull it off. Too bad they didn't have the balls to go through with it during the original Crisis....

    Also, this is awesome.