Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Arrivals, LOTS OF STUFF!!!

NEW ARRIVALS (RPG = Role Playing Game books/supplements, BG = Board Games, BIS = Back In Stock, CCG = Collectible Card Game)
Federation CommandeR: War & Peace (RPG)
Pressure Matrix (BG)
World of Warcraft: Class Starter Decks (CCG)
The Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion (GIANT BG, hehehe)
Runebound: Relics of Legends (BG)
Settlers of Catan: Settlers of America (BG)
Pathfinders: Adventurers Handbook (RPG)
Rifter #51 (RPG)
Paizo Item Cards: Friend and Foe (RPG)
Paizo Item Cards: Plot Twists (RPG)
Pathfinder Chronciles: Faction Guide (RPG)
Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers (RPG)
Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker Poster Map Folio (RPG)
Pathfinder Module: Curse of the Riven Sky (RPG)
Steel Squire Flipmat: Pirate Island (RPG)
Perry Rhodan (BG)
The Swarm (BG)
Speicherstadt (BG)
Rattus (BG)
Primoderial Soup (BG-BIS)
Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead (BG)

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