Sunday, June 6, 2010

Remi's (slightly) Obsessive Reading Log! Week 8

And for the first time since Week 1, and setting a new weekly record, I actually got MORE read than what I needed! OH MAH GODS!

I've been getting the Wildstorm World's End stuff since Wildstorm: Armageddon and the Number of the Beast mini series, but being overloaded like I am, most of those got put to the side. Sometime last week I decided I was in the mood to read some Authority, and that snowballed into me attempting to catch up with two years of Wildstorm Universe books! I've off to a decent start, but I've still got a fair stack ahead of me! We'll see what tomorrow brings! :)

Also read Alex Ross and Jim Krueger's most recent Marvel adventures: Avengers/Invaders, and it's sequel, The Torch, which just wrapped up.

They were pretty solid, a little typical of Ross and Kruegers work together, interested plot ideas, medium to good executions, quasi-classic story telling style. I'm always excited to see what they're going to do, because it won't read like anything else out there, but I'm never blown away. That being said, this fall will see their next project, The Invaders, come to fruition, and I'll be getting that too!

Last big thing I want to mention is Irredeemable and Incorruptible! I've been impatiently waiting for the TPBs for this, and finally snapped and grabbed the issues passed what I had in the three volumes that are out already. Great series, both of them! Can't recommend them enough, a good crossover for those who love super-hero books, or most alternative comics!

Week 8 (May 31st-June 6th) (count = 69)
Authority (2008-) #1-18
Avengers/Invaders (2008-2009) #1-12
Avengers Prime (2010-2011) #1
Brightest Day (2010-2011) #3
Franken-Castle (2009-) #17
Gen13 (2006-) #21
Hawkeye & Mockingbird (2010-) #1
Heralds (2010) #1
Incorruptible (2009-) #5-6
Irredeemable (2009-) #9-14, Special #1
Justice League: Generation Lost (2010-) #2
Mystery Society (2010-) #1
Number of the Beast (2008) #1-8
Spirit (2010) #1
Stephen King's N (2010) #1-4
Stormwatch PHD (2007-2010) #13
Thanos Imperative (2010) #1
The Torch (2009-2010) #1-8
Wildcats (2008-) #1

Total after Week 8 = 375 (-86, climbimg down for once, w00t!)

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