Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remi's (slightly) Obsessive Reading Log! Week 7

I've decided to stop tracking it by day, and just stick to the weeks. I was getting myself totally mixed up trying to figure out what I read on what day! Obviously I get a lot more done early in the when I'm off, and often a stack on Wednesday on new comic day!

I managed to read I Kill Giants this week! I had read the first couple of issues when it came out, and it seemed like a lot of fun, but hadn't gotten around to finishing it till now. One of the best "young adult" stories out there, highly recommend this to anyone of any age group who has gone through any kind of "tough family situation". It was quite a touching story, but Joe Casey keeps its fun enough that it never gets too cheesy.

I also sat and read all of Phil Hester's Anchor. I was a little sad to see that #8 was the last issue in the series, due to poor sales, but he was at least able to finish up the main story that he wanted to tell, as he'd originally planned it for a mini series, but Book pushed him to make it ongoing. In the end, it was a fun story, recommended for anyone who has enjoying any of his Image work, or any of Kirkman's extended Invincible universe (of which, Hester's Firebreather, is a part of).

Quite enjoying DV8 up until now. Brian Wood is taking a 90s Wildstorm team, and completely changing all the rules/settings for a team book. Very "gender neutral" too. I would recommend this to my wife, where I wouldn't bother telling her to read Dark Avengers or Thunderbolts (the "other" different team books). :-P

Week 7 (May 24th-May 30th) (count = 40)
Anchor (2009-2010) #1-8
Batgirl (2009-) #1-6
Deadpool (2008-) #23
DV8: Gods and Monsters (2010-2011) #2
Enter The Heroic Age (2010) (one-shot)
I Kill Giants (2008-2009) #1-7
Origin of Marvel Comics (2010) (one-shot)
Rescue (2010) (one-shot)
Red Robin (2009-) #5-9
Secret Avengers (2010-) #1
SWORD (2010) #1
Thanos Imperative: Ignition (2010) (one-shot)
Thor (2007-) #610
Thunderbolts (1997-) #144
Ultimate Avengers (2010) #2
Walking Dead (2003-) #72
X-Factor (2005-) #205
X-Men: Legacy (1991-) #236
Zatanna (2010-) #1

Total after Week 7 = 306 (-97)

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