Friday, April 16, 2010

The Wry's Rants for Apr 14

Another week, another bunch of comic reviews! Which five shall we look at this week... I know! How about Hulked Out Heroes #1, Flash #1, Iron Man: Legacy #1, Batman #698, and Black Widow #1. Those sound fun!

Hulked Out Heroes #1 (of 2)

Actually, this should be called Hulked Out Hero. Then again, it should REALLY be called Hulked Out Merc, as it's only talking about one hulked-up character. And guess who it is.. Deadpool! Er, I mean, Hulkpool! Done by Jeff Parker and Humberto Ramos, He tries to go back in time to kill himself when he was wimpy Deadpool, and time paradoxes be damned!
Now, I am a big Deadpool fan, but even I have to ask: What was the point of this issue in the current Hulk storyarc? If you want to have two issues regarding the heroes that have been hulked up, why devote it to just ONE of them? Will the second issue only have Hulkpool as well, or actually have any of the others? I don't know the answers to those questions, but I do know this, there is no real reason for you to pick up this issue. It's not a bad issue, just no reason to get it. So far, anyway. Who knows what part 2 will bring.

Flash #1

New ongoing series by DC Golden Boy (in a good way) Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. It's about Barry Allen and him getting back into the groove at Central City. He evens goes back to forensic science at the police department. While on the job he arrives at a crime scene where Mirror Master is dead! No, not McCulloch, it's someone else, but not someone that Barry recognizes. But shortly after, there's more dressed up rogues where that came from, but they're more of the 'still alive' kind.
Hey, it's Geoff Johns back on Flash! If you're a fan of ANY of his work, or a fan of the Flash in general, you should get this series. Even if you're on the fence on getting this, at least try it out for the first few issues.

Iron Man: Legacy #1

Speaking of new series, here's one by Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth. It's not set in current continuity, as people think Iron Man is Tony Stark's bodyguard, Tony himself finished a relationship with Dazzler, and comic books were still only a dollar. It's the first part of "War of the Iron Men", so you should be able to guess what it's about. Other people using Iron Man type armor, but using martial weapons made out of.. energy? (Now we just need one using Voltron's flaming sword) Tony of course decides to do something about it, and at the end we see who's behind all of this.
Just for gits and shiggles, they also add in a reprint of Tales of Suspense #39, which is the first appearance of Iron Man. Overall a good issue and since it's not happening in current Marvel, no worries of current events influencing the title. Worth checking out.

Batman #698

Copycat killers are a pain. Especially when they're copying the themes of Batman villians. Story by Tony Daniel and Guillem March, a body is found cut up like Zsasz, another one that was scavenged by birds (Penguin), and so on. To add to the fun, the Riddler is thrown in as he's trying to solve the case as well. Dick is also still comparing himself to Bruce and how he would be doing things differently. The story doesn't get resolved in this issue, but things do get worse before they'll get better.
So far this is good. I'm enjoying Tony Daniel's run on this title, and this story shows you don't need a multi-part cross-title storyarc on a Bat-title. Recommended to any Bat-fans out there.

Black Widow #1

By Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna. Someone is hunting Black Widow, and using a black rose as a calling card. Natasha goes looking for him, and ends up a little worse for wear (okay, a LOT worse for wear). Her boyfriend, Bucky America, is understandably upset by this, so their pal Logan does a little hunting of his own. And for those that are not as familiar with Black Widow as others, the end of the issue as a Black Widow Saga giving her history up until now.
The story's okay, but the series has just started so there's no real groove yet. I'm not really a fan of Acuna's art (when he was on Green Lantern and Flash, for example), but I do admit that his style works on this title. The Saga is a nice touch for people that aren't really familiar with Black Widow, as she's always been a supporting character, but never a lead. If you're interested, give it a shot, and you can make the final call if it's something you'd like.

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