Monday, April 12, 2010

Deadshot's Bullet Reviews Week of Apr. 7th

After a week absence, Deadshot is back with a handful of reviews from the week of April 7th. Some good stuff this week so let's get right to it...

Wolverine: Weapon X #12

Jason Aaron/Ron Garney
The second issue of this arc picks up in the future explaining how it is that Deathloks are back in our current time killing people and ending with their ominious cliffhanger from last issue: "Kill Captain America". I found this issue much strong than last but I love dystopian future stories. Even though this is familiar territory for the X-titles, this one adds a fresh spin to it. The story leaves us on another cliffhanger as future Logan goes on a bad acid trip and the mysterious General arrives on the scene. Garney's art seems less rushed on this issue and Aaron's script is tighter and moves the story along nicely. Interested to see how this arc progresses. 3.5 bullets of out 5.

Uncanny X-Men #523 (Second Coming Chapter 2)
Matt Fraction/Terry Dodson

Now this is an x-crossover! Already in two issues I have gotten more into this story than that Blackest Night rip-off; Necrosha. As the X-Men move in to retrieve the returning from the future Cable and Hope, the mainstream X-Men find out what Wolverine and his wetworks, X-Force team has been up to. Classic X-Men inner turmoil while continuing action have this one firing on all cylinders. Dodson's art on this is quality as well. It took Fraction a fair bit of time to get this ship moving but now that it is, this title is at the top of the read pile for the foreseeable future. 4.5 bullets out of 5.

Superman - Secret Origins #5
Geoff Johns/Gary Frank

The re-refreshening of Superman's origin nears the end of its run as Johns works on the origins of Metallo and the foundation for General Lane's hatred for all things extra-terrestrial. Luthor's jealousy of the Man of Steel also comes to the forefront as Johns deftly weaves together movie continuity with more recent story elements from John's run on the Super-titles. Frank's art is solid once again but it always makes me sad that he uses Christopher Reeve's likeness as it takes me out of the story and reminds me of what happened to the movie Man of Steel. Still, it is a homage and the art work is beautiful and worth a look. 3.5 bullets out of 5.

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2
Sterling Gates-James Robinson/Pete Woods

The battle for the fate of New Krypton rages on as Brainiac and Luthor lay a beating on Superman and pals (with Zod and the other Kyrptonians filling up the background). I am hoping for a big reveal here at some point as this seems to be have been a long build up to a standard superhero vs super villain fight. A theory I have cooked up is that Zod is somehow in league with Brainiac and is looking to overthrow Alura and install himself as ruler of New Krypton. The story does move along but is spreading into Adventure Comics #10 which seems to be just marking time until the new Legion story starts there. If you have been reading the Superman titles up to this point, nothing I can say will dissuade you from continuing as we head for the "War of the Supermen" but this one is way too involved for the casual reader to pick up. The art work is solid, however, and I love the George Perez cover! 2.5 bullets out of 5.

Invincible Returns #1

Robert Kirkman/Ryan Ottley-Corey Walker

Meant to be a jumping on-point for the main title I thought this one did a good job of teasing the main plot points of 70 odd issues. The Wry and I share comics so he had the opportunity to read this one having not read any Invincible. While it did give him a taste of the series, he felt that he needed to go back and read more if he was going to get invested in upcoming war with the Viltrumites. Still the issue did give a good overall feel for the type of stories Kirkman writes and some of the major plot points that will obviously be built upon as they move beyond this issue. The art work of Ottley and Walker is synonomous with this series and I can't imagine Invincible being drawn by anyone else but one of these two. One other thing of note - is it just me or does Grand Regent Thragg look like Freddie Mercury from Queen? 3 bullets out of 5.

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