Thursday, September 8, 2011

My quick recap of week 1 of the DCnU

Action Comics #1 8.0
-Very fun/fresh look at Superman's first showings... although a little confused with some of the flow of the story. In typical Morrison fashion, he'll probably reveal a bunch of stuff down the road that shouldn't really have been kept from the reader at all.

Animal Man #1 9.5
-Wow, what a great start! Lemire knows how to build a story, albeit a little slowly.

Batgirl #1 6.5
-Looking back through the book, I feel like this story should have grabbed me more... Good, but missing something...

Batwing 7.5
-Surprisingly solid start for a character I don't really care about.... yet?

Detective Comics #1 7.5
-Another surprise, mostly because Tony Daniel has been pretty terrible of his Batman run. Curious where this is going to go.

Green Arrow #1 4.0
-As much as I want to care about G.A., I don't... even with Jurgens and Perez drawing him. Completely indifferent.

Hawk & Dove #1 2.5
-... all around just not very good. Feels like a cookie cutter cut-out of how to write a first issue.

Justice League #1 8.0
-Nice "introduction" to what is going to be an introduction story. Nothing epic but I think it works because of it.

Justice League International 8.0
-What I expected from Jurgens. A Little out-of-date as far as story telling goes but I can always expect something fun from him!

Men of War #1 6.0
-Some potential here but not what I'd call a great start.

O.M.A.C. #1 8.0
-Probably one of the books I had the most mixed expectations for. On one hand, one of my favorites, Keith Giffen is co-writing and drawing, on the other, Dan DiDio is also writing and he's one of the worse writers I've had to experience in the last little while. TOTAL KIRBY WORSHIP!!!! (Un)Fortunately, the amazing art comes with good but dated writing. One to keep an "eye" on!

Static Shock #1 5.0
-Always happy to see Scott McDaniel on a book and while it was well put together enough, it never grabbed me.

Stormwatch #1 8.5
-Very happy to see these characters back in use! Solid start, always a fan of Cornell, who can come up with some of the most original stories out there!

Swamp Thing #1 9.0
-So very excited to see him back in the DCU (would have been fine with Vertigo or anywhere really). Paquette is a master of his craft and if it were only for him, I might still get this book. Snyder's story starts a little slow but it seems like it could be a creepy good time!

Well, there you have it, Week #1 (and 0) of the DCnU. A few surprises, with some of the strongest stuff coming from old Vertigo characters being given a new lease on life (in the DCU).

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  1. I'm starting to come around on the Animal Man art and it was the stand out book for me.

    Swamp Thing was also good but a slow start. The art is freaking incredible but the script was a little dialog heavy where it should have been trimmed. Interesting themes though.

    I sooo wanted Men of War to be good. It was, but not good enough. Lacks clarity of vision and direction. The stories were good and intense but then what? What's this book about? It's like it was all fizzle with no bang.

    JLI, I loved. It was just very pure fun. I laughed and had a good time. It had a bronze age vibe to it for some reason. Cool concept and a good read.

    Action Comics had stellar moments that were over-the-top brilliant but then other passages were more head-scratchers or average. Still, it won me over with it's bright and bombastic tone. Love it!

    I'd rank the books I bought thusly.

    #5: Men of War
    #4: Swamp Thing
    #3: Action Comics
    #2: JLI
    #1: Animal Man