Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Small World Underground Demo + Sale!

This Thursday evening from 6pm to 10pm (recommend showing up 15 min. early to make sure you get in a game) we will be hosting a demo of the new Small World Underground board game from Days of Wonder. The Comic Hunter will have one demo copy available, as well as copies for sale, for anyone interested in trying it out or picking up a copy of their own!

The original Small World was immensely popular and one of our best sellers in recent memory.

Underground is a stand alone version of the game that can also be used with previous Small World expansions for a new strategic change to the game!

UPDATE: For the release day (July 8th), all copies of Small World Underground will be 25% off while supplies last, so come and get it!!!


  1. Uh, July 8th right? not June...

  2. I've never made so many mistakes on a single post in my life...!!! Can you tell vacation is calling?!