Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ultimate Re-Launch

Marvel made it official today with the last piece of their Ultimate line relaunch being put into place. Ultimate Spiderman, the flagship title of the Ultimate U for the past decade will officially relaunch with a number 1 issue after that somewhat aborted attempt at a rebranding last year ('ultimate comics')

The lineup is going to look like this.

Jonathan Hickman - Ultimates
Nick Spencer - X-Men
Bendis - Spiderman

That's a heavy-hitter lineup right there... and they're all guys who will get the books out on time (i'm looking at you Mr. Loeb). I think I'm down for all these. How about you?


  1. That line-up is absolutely awesome. Hickman's work on Secret Warriors has been some of the most exciting writing in the past couple years. This is gonna be a great re-launch.

  2. I love Hickman, I want to read his Ultimates, but Marvel is scaring me away with their cover prices. I'm on a budget here. If I pooped money I'd be all over this but for now... I'm going to have to pass, as tempting as it is to get in on the ground floor of this.

    I might read the trades in the future...

  3. The artists are Esad Ribic on Ultimates, Paco Medina on Ultimate X Men and Sara Pichelli on Spiderman.