Thursday, February 4, 2010

Logo Test! Looking For Feedback!

We're testing a new logo right now, and I'm looking for feedback. We've more or less ironed our what it's going to look like, although we're still debating a bit on the subject. Also not 100% sure on the colours.

This is what my designer has made for me. Feel free to comment on how you feel about it!


  1. I really like the concept and the font (the speech bubble makes it unique, IMO)... I'm with you though, unsure about the colours. However, I don't really have a suggestion for you so I'm not much help. :P

  2. I Like it, c'est dans vos couleurs. Le design est Comic justement, avec le crossair bubble behind c'est vraiment nice.


  3. I like the combination of things going on here as well. I would maybe move the Text down a smidge so you could get the actual crosshair and maybe you should have the colour bleed to a a subtle red to indicate the comic hunter always gets the kill!

  4. Our original colours were Red/Black, but he suggested, and my ad rep agreed to a point to move away from the red as it's an "aggressive" colour and figured these were more friendly. The idea behind the placement as-is is that the "C" from "Comic" is the center of the crosshair.

    I had him try to move it up so that there wasn't so much empty space at the top (moving it down would create an even bigger void), and I liked it more this way. I find it has a nice balance, and seems like the "word balloon" is screaming "Comic Hunter" and it's flying out of it.

  5. I like the colours, although I feel like that empty space is kind of distracting. The composition is weird and while I understand the principle of having the crosshairs centered on the C, I don't feel like that "rational" explanation comes through when you're looking at a kind of odd composition. But if you tried it both ways and like it better this way, then I guess you know what you're doing.

  6. The problem when you move it up ends up being the "The" comes to close to the side, to the point where you have to join it with the outline and you lose the left side of the crosshair completely.

    The negative space looks better on a coloured background, which it will always have. It then looks a lot more like a real word balloon, which is always/generally on a white background.

    I'll post an example of the background colours we're thinking of (orange/yellow combination seems to work best for ads, tan for shirts... still ironing things out, hehehe)

  7. Looks good to me, nice and simple and straight the to point.

  8. Added the logo w/ orange background, to give you a better idea how it would show up on shirts/signs, etc.

  9. OH EM JEEE!!!! That logo is so awesome I wanna make sweet, sweet love to it!

    Immediately give the designer a million dollars and the key to the city!!!!!!1!!

  10. Dear Jason, you are awesome.

    I agree with the comments Tim made, although I do think the orange background adds a lot to it.

    If you were worried about losing the left side of the crosshair by moving the text to the left, could you move the word "the" above the word "comic"? Not sure how it would look but it might be something to consider.

  11. It took me a while, but I'm really starting to come around to the orange background. I would maybe like to see the letters come to a brighter yellow if we go with the orange, to create a bit more of a contrast.

  12. I love it. As soon as I saw it it worked.

    The colors are a great throwback to a softer time in comics, even if unintentional.

    If people REALLY don't like the crosshairs, maybe try shrinking that element of the logo.

    Personally it works for me though.


  13. I agree, give the designer a million dollars!

    Good job, looks really nice!

  14. (rick)

    Like the the speech bubble/cross hair idea..I tried scetches up some logos when I did those xmas flyers for you and I drew a crosshair at one point..but wasn't sure on how to use compliments to who ever is doign this logo for you. ..but while I agree onthe red being agressive(not always a bad thing)..I really for lack of a nicer word "hate" the colors..while it doesn't come off overly agressive.. I can't say that browns and yellows really conjure up positive ideas and attitudes. I like the thick outline but it is a bit intense..thin it by like 4 ot 5 points..opening up the crosshair more..letting us see more of the actual crosshair.loose the brown outline and go with black(its going to be more expensive to print browns..going to use more ink as they need to combined colors) while I don't think yellow looks bad itself..combined with the brown it sits flat..doesn't "pop"., goto black outline thinned ..and try a blue to green (bottom to top) gradient (sometihng in the color spectrum..emotionaly they tend to be more positive colors..with a blackout line they will pop more..and work equally well on dark and light backgrounds..(altough I will admit if the backoutline is put on a black background you will have to give the outter edge a white pinstrip outline to define the edge of the crosshair...then do the same logo again with blackout line and a grayscale gradient for your black white print ads(newspapers in store flyers) when doing logos you really have to consider what the logo looks like in color and black and white..because both will be used.

  15. excuse the cat was swatting at my fingers while I was typing

  16. Hi, designer here.

    Fascinating feedback. Thanks for the compliments!

    As for the concerns, let me address them here:

    #1: It has to work in B&W:
    This logo was built in B&W first. Colors were added afterward. Every brand I design follows that process. It has also has a reversed version so that it will work on both black and white backgrounds.

    #2: Odd composition:
    I'm sorry. I don't understand how the composition is odd. Every element has a deliberate placement. Word go in the balloon as they do in comics. They jut as if screaming the brand name. "THE" is tucked on the crosshair. The crosshairs are aligned with the "gutter" in the "H". "C" is centered in the crosshair. The only thing that is there for subjective reasons only is the angle. It adds dynamism. A recent tweaking tightened everything up further still. Personally, I find the composition particularly strong.

    #3: Brown is not a positive brand color:
    Exhibit A - UPS, Exhibit B, Tim Hortons.
    Even at that. Brown is not the predominant brand color. It is there primarily so that it won't clash with the colors at the new location which are all earth toned from beige to red-brown to orange-brown. Approximately 17 color schemes were attempted for the logo and I settled on this one as I found it to be the most versatile. 3 colors other than orange were proposed as the primary brand color. The color scheme in the logo matches well all of the proposals.

    Additionally, we are limited to exploring the warm end of the color spectrum as the competition uses cool colors and the neighbor business uses a cool color as well. When designing a brand one must consider the regional brand landscape.

    Finally, Along with the logo an entire brand was proposed, with posters and potential signage. A brand is more than a logo, I'm sure you're aware. The color scheme in the logo was designed to work across the entire brand collateral.

    When it comes to color, there really isn't one option that everyone will love. Tastes differ and one color will evoke different things in different people (this happens all the time in the field of brand design). As the designer I set aside my personal color preferences and propose to the client colors that I feel will work best in the considered context.

    Final notes: There are many things here that you are not seeing such as other graphic elements that make the brand work. Bursts, half tone dots, textures and also about 75 other things that are in my head that have not yet been committed to my computer screen in order that I can keep focusing on this part of the project. So to put it metaphorically, you are seeing only the nipples. Brothers and sisters, have faith in my training and expertise, and you will find the entire breasts are rather spectacular!


    #2: Odd composition:
    You state that "Word(s) go in the balloon as they do in comics. They jut as if screaming the brand name."

    This would be fine if the words were "in" the balloon, but they're not.
    The words are on top and out the side of the crosshair. In addition since the crosshair is in the background, it implies that something behind the sign is "aiming out"
    instead of someone looking down the scope while "hunting comics".

    #3: Brown is not a positive brand color: (I agree with this statement brown is boring)

    "Exhibit A - UPS." - When was the last time you looked at an UPS guy and thought, Damn look at that guy he looks positive or interesting.

    "Exhibit B, Tim Hortons." - Holy mother of #@!* what kind of fancy Tim Hortnns do you have in Moncton. Every Tim Hortons I have been in has been a haven for creepy old people.
    (I apologize, that realy doesn't have anything to do with art)
    so here is a better example, Have you ever picked up a roll up the rim cup on the ground to see if someone may have dropped a free coffee, yes? even so I bet your eyes were drawn to them, all red and yellow.

    I believe the colors need to be bold and sharp hard reds, yellow, blue and black, you know comic colours.

  18. I like the logo for its simplicity and readability while appealing to all age groups.
    I agree to stay away from red as it is aggressive. the orange-yellowish is a nice warm color and is inviteing.

    If it were to be printed Black and white how would the designer have it look? Screen or no screen for the text fill? can we see?

    Besides being the registered company name, why not drop "the" from the logo? Just use "COMIC HUNTER"? There is a difference between the Company Name and a Trademark. Droping "the" would make it a stronger trademark.